New drawings!




Old Statement

My interests in structure and the notion of obsession are conjoined within this body of work.  I am exploring a gesture and a form, and have them married in my work through paper collage. Working with paper allows me immediate gratification. 
      The choice to use archie comics, magazines and scrap paper was made when each of these kinds of paper were in abundance within the radius of my arm’s reach. I didn’t care about the quality, durability, or cost of these papers; I didn’t have to purchase them, and they were most likely headed for the recycle bin.  This gave me a sense of immediacy, like having only a napkin available when you have a really important idea to write down.  I started drawing the same old gesture, and became fascinated with the texture that was created through cutting out the negative spaces between the lines.  The texture of the paper gave it the feel of a growing being, and it wanted to keep growing.  Through cutting out the negative space, a structure within the drawing was defined.  Loops stood out as their own contained modules.  
     I was simultaneously creating a paper module of a different kind through origami. The hand cut paper and the origami modules had to be together. Through combing the paper modules, I was able to start down an exploratory path of new forms.  These forms nestle next to each other, and on top of each other to grow outward in possibly unending nebulous blobby structures. It’s all growth, like the leaves on a plant.  
While repeating these loopy motifs and folded containers, it became clear to me that I allow myself to fall down my own ‘rabbit hole’ of thoughts.  The repetition involved with modular origami and hand cutting paper is very self reflexive by nature, and I appropriate that to compartmentalize my own thoughts and feelings. 

Dodeca-mountain progress


Still working on making as many dodecahedrons as I can, want to think of an abbreviation for dodecahedron, and how to attach them?

Also don’t want to see any more Archie comics. Paint!!




I forgot how much patience it takes to put these together. It takes such a light hand. I was trying to think about kung fu masters like in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, when they’re chasing each other and fighting on tree branches. Was that kung fu? I’m going to go look that up. Then fold more paper, and think about making a mold of this.